Promotional Product Advertising

Need an interesting way to promote your product? We can help with that. Our LED screens are high quality and have a flexible design that will cater to any product you are trying to advertise.

Concerts and Festivals

Our high intensity LED walls can be configured into multiple sizes and shapes to act as a video wall backdrop for any stage. With a huge motion loop graphics library and live camera crew available on demand, we can create the ultimate addition to a concert or EDM light show.

Sporting Events

Delivering close up footage, displaying scores and standings and promoting sponsors is a must at any sporting event. Our led displays do it bigger, better and with full clarity in broad daylight.

Corporate and Political Presentations

Pixel Perfect LED provides all weather displays for corporate and political events. The message will be received and the show will go on regardless of the weather forecast.

Charity Fund Raisers

Here at Pixel Perfect LED we support charity fundraising events by helping you to sell sponsor ads to large local businesses to raise funds to pay for your production costs. Regional charities can not only easily pay for the costs of their LED display, but can also generate a profit. A ad on an LED video display is worth a lot more to sponsors than a logo on a flyer or in a program.