Giant Video Beverage Can

We have created a Giant LED Cylinder, configurable to your beverage cans dimensional ratio. This one-of-a-kind promotional product has been patented and we are the only company in the United States to offer such a service. This unique marketing tool is available to energy drink, soft drink and beer manufacturers who wish to promote their product above and beyond any and all competitors at major national events. This giant LED beverage can will display your brand’s graphics, and any accompanying video content, in perfect clarity day or night. This is an excellent tool for promoting a new flavor or product release to the masses at major sporting events, trade shows or other public gatherings.

  • A 360 degree viewable cylinder towering 28 feet tall.
  • Video graphics can be configured to seamlessly wrap and move around the can.
  • Patented professionally engineered support system hidden inside the cylinder.
  • Configurable to proper dimensions to match your can.
  • Fully visible in broad daylight, mind blowing at night.