Our Team

Bob Tolar – President & CEO

Our owner and founder, Bob Tolar, has built this company on the principals of community support and selfless dedication to his many clients and staff. He is responsible for overseeing all business management activities from payroll and accounting to employee training, marketing and advertising and customer satisfaction. He keeps a constant vigil on the location and condition of each and every vehicle and piece of equipment in our shop. Ninjas could steal a C-clamp in the night and he would know something was amiss upon entering our facility the next morning. At which point a systematic interrogation of all staff would commence until finally, due to all other possibilities being ruled out and, in staunch defiance of “Occam’s Razor”, Ninjas would be identified as the culprits. And trust me, there is probably a company procedure that should have been followed in the event of Ninja burglary and we’ll all have to hear about it over and over again!

Abbey Hill – Event Production Manager

Abbey Hill is hands down every customer’s favorite staff member. Not only is she delightful and impressive but she is extremely experienced and has seen every event we do and met every client year after year. People go out of their way to call us, after the fact, just to compliment us on Abbey’s performance at their event. A certified Rigger and an excellent sound engineer and AV technician, Abbey is also an intelligent planner with a great work ethic. It simply made sense to groom her to be our Production Manager. She still works the important events where she is requested, but now she is booking and planning every event, communicating with customers, scheduling staff and strategizing what pieces of equipment and vehicles will best meet the clients needs and allow us to handle numerous events in a weekend smoothly.

Trevor Richardson – Fleet Manager & LED System Technician

Trevor Richardson is our fleet manager and head led technician. Not only will he be on site with your led display, he is responsible for making sure that everything that goes out comes back and is returned to perfect working order. He handles all repairs, tune ups and tweaks and is a master of the inner workings of our LED panels. Trevor also manages customer service for all of our equipment rentals.

Daniel Nelson – Audio Visual Engineeer

Daniel Nelson has an eye for how all of our structures should be assembled and understands the finer aspects of safe rigging practices, pick points and load limits. He has undying respect for all things true and plum and sleeps with a magnetic level under his pillow. He is a skilled audio visual technician and can run sound or operate the switcher. His focus on symmetry, dedication to safety and intense perfectionism is only matched by his speed and efficiency during a setup or tear down.

Chris Caraway – Visual Director

Chris is our visual director, he is a skilled cameraman and video film director. He also creates stunning content, graphics and video effects for our corporate clients. He has managed multi-camera live shoots for countless concerts and corporate events and understands how to setup impactful and moving shots in the live environment.

Christopher Burkhardt – Head Camera Operator and Event Manager

CB is an incredible good camera operator with interpersonal skills that endear people to him. As an experienced LD, he is attuned to how lighting effects camera responses, especially when displayed on a big bright led video wall. He can achieve an HD quality feed on our jumbo trons at night with the display back-dropping a stage saturated with moving lights and the shots will be perfectly balanced, properly exposed and stable throughout the color changes in the lighting.